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    Rosalynn Silver


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    Rosalynn Silver

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    Full name: Rosalynn Silver
    Blood status: Half-blood
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    School year: Fifth year
    House: Hufflepuff
    Pet: A female brown and white owl named Fidéle.
    Position: Normal student
    Nationality: England, born and raised near London

    Length: 10½ inches
    Wood: Laurel
    Core: Unicorn Hair
    Flexibility: Hard

    Hair: Rosalynn, like the rest of the women in her family, has greyish hair that is short and a little bit spiky
    Eye colour: A very light blue
    Body shape: Slim
    Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.: A scar underneath her right ear

    Rosalynn Silver is a half-blood. Her mother, Mary Silver is a pureblood witch who married a Muggle, Christian Silver (née Wright). In the beginning he didn’t know anything about magic, or that his wife was a witch, then on July 9th 1996, Rosalynn was born and her mother told Christian about the truth, two months later he left.
    When Rosalynn was two years old her mother then married a pureblood wizard, Jonathan Mitchell who took care of Rosalynn like if she was his real daughter.

    Rosalynn has two younger half-siblings. These are her father’s children and she doesn’t consider them family because he left them when she herself was born. This is also why she doesn’t want to have any contact with her father anymore.

    Rosalynn comes from a family that usually is only pureblood, but her mother fell in love with a Muggle and therefore Rosalynn was the first in many who was only half-blood.
    In the Silver family most of the women have greyish hair and light blue eyes, the men have more dark blue eyes and almost black hair.
    Rosalynn is also the first woman of her family to end in Hufflepuff, most of her family comes from Ravenclaw since they’re all extremely smart, where Rosalynn is more loyal and just than she is smart or clever.

    In her holidays Rosalynn is more likely to stay at the school than go home. This is because she considers Hogwarts as her home and she likes to be there in the holidays because it is quiet since most other students go home.

    Rosalynn Silver was born on July 9th 1996. She is the child of the pureblood witch Mary Silver and the Muggle Christian Silver (née Wright).
    When Rosalynn was born her father left because he wanted nothing to do with any kind of magic, but at the age of two she got a stepfather, Jonathan Mitchell.
    All her life Rosalynn has been surrounded by witches and wizards, she doesn’t know much about Muggles and she has no contact with her father.
    In 2007 Rosalynn got accepted at Hogwarts, this was celebrated by the most of her magical family, at this point she got a letter from her father telling her that he had accepted the fact the she was a witch, but that he now had a new family and two kids. Rosalynn got upset by this and chose to ignore the letter, telling herself that Jonathan was her new father and that her real father’s new family wasn’t her family.
    As a present from her stepfather when Rosalynn was accepted at Hogwarts she got a brown female owl that she named Fidéle (which in French means ‘loyal’). At her first year of Hogwarts this owl got badly sick and lost it’s control one time, resulting in Rosalynn getting a scar underneath her right ear because she wanted to calm down the owl. Later the owl was alright again and there haven’t been any troubles since that day, but Rosalynn still has the scar.

    Rosalynn is a little shy when you first meet her, but once she becomes your friend then she is loyal to you. Lose her trust and it won’t be easy getting it back.
    She is also smart, but not too smart. Her best subject is Charms; she mostly gets an E in this subject.

    Rosalynn is a very loving person, she loves her family, her friends and everyone around her, there are only few people she doesn’t like and mostly those people are her fellow students from Slytherin. Despite having a loving nature, then Rosalynn has been involved in way too much trouble with Slytherin for her to place her trust in one of them, of cause she will if needed give the person a chance but her trust will be lost quickly if you’re not careful.
    The most important thing to Rosalynn is justice; this is also why she ended in Hufflepuff, when the rest of her family has been in Ravenclaw.
    Usually Rosalynn isn't the most brave person, nor is she a coward. She plays by the rules and doesn't get into trouble if she can avoid it.

    Rosalynn has never fallen in love with anyone; actually she is not sure whether or not she is capable of loving a man after her father left her mother because of who she was.

    Satoshi Daisuke Kweon, a Ravenclaw fifth year student.
    Fred Eden, a Slytherin fifth year student. (although there might be more than friendship between them.)

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