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    Luke Owen Anderson


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    Luke Owen Anderson

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    Full name: Luke Owen Anderson
    Blood status: Pureblood
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    School year: Seventh
    House: Ravenclaw
    Pet: A very snobbish half ginger and half white male cat named Sapiens (which in Latin means ‘wise’)
    Position: Head Boy
    Nationality: England, born and raised in a small magical village near the border to Scotland
    Patronus: A female fox

    Length: 11½ inches
    Wood: Pear
    Core: Phoenix Feather
    Flexibility: Swishy

    Hair: Blonde and a little spiky
    Eye colour: Blue
    Body shape: Rather slim, tall (around 1,82 meters) but also a little muscular
    Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.: Four short scars on his chest, and three long scars on his lower back, continuing down below his waistline.

    Luke comes from a pureblood family. In nearly 200 years there have been no half-bloods in his family, and all of his relatives have all been in Ravenclaw.

    Luke was born on the 16th February 1994; he is the son of the pureblood witch Alexandra Anderson (née Farley) and the pureblood wizard Jackson Anderson. He has a little sister, Julia Anderson, who is currently six years old, and an older brother, Max Anderson, who is 20 years old and works for Gringotts.

    Luke is born on the 16th February 1994. He is born into an old wizard family and raised like a wizard with no knowledge about Muggles apart from that they’re non-magical humans.
    At the age of 12 Luke got a little sister and then they were three children, Luke is fine with this since it means he has more time to study when his parents are playing with his sister.

    Luke has always been good at magic, of cause until he started at Hogwarts then he wasn’t allowed to perform magic, but he had read about it a lot and was quickly the best in his year.

    Luke is extremely smart, he has no problems in doing his homework and in his fifth year he almost an O in all his O.W.L.s. In his fifth year he also became a prefect and later he became the Head Boy. Despite all of this Luke is in reality unsecure in himself and doesn’t believe he is doing it well enough, he just doesn’t show it.

    Luke has no interest in love, according to him his only love is school. He uses his time studying, gives extra classes and helps the other students with their homework if it’s needed.

    Luke is mostly the friendly boy, but to strangers he could seem like a bit of a braggart, although this is not on purpose. Luke likes making new friends, but he stays away from people who seem to have a bad reputation.

    Luke is a in-the-closet gay. He doesn't like to admit it and can at times seem mean, and even nasty towards other gays, simply because he is jealous.

    If Luke gets annoyed he has a tendency to say or do things he end up regretting, and it often hurts people.

    Satoshi Daisuke Kweon, a Ravenclaw fifth year student.

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