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    Character profile on Fred Eden.


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    Character profile on Fred Eden.

    Post  Roxi on Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:01 am

    Name: Fred Eden
    Age: 17
    Date of birth: 7th of December, 1994
    Sex: Male
    Blood status: Pure blood
    House: Slytherin
    Year: fifth year
    Personality: Sweet (thought that he is a slytherin), he respects every one, but Gryffindor's (he can lean to, but it takes time), he has self-control and want to get to his goal.
    Fred is not like his siblings. His siblings fit to be in Slytherin. they were evil and beliveed in dark magic.
    They were top students in the slytherin house.
    Fred has a good heart, and believes he would have done better in Gryffindor than in Slytherin.
    Fred never wanted to hurt anyone, but because of his siblings, everyone believes that he is just as evil as them. Fred failed his O.W.L's so he is now re-taking his fifth year.
    Pet: A himalayan rat (white fur, grey around the tail and snout) named Mickey.
    Position: Normal student.
    Family: Fred is born on the 7th of Decemeber, 1994, 7 years after his siblings, Dominica and Demitri.
    When Fred was 5 years old, his siblings thought it was "fun" to play with sharp things. They teased Fred with the knifes and one day when his parent's wasn't home, Demitri and Dominica cutted Fred from his upper chest across to his lower chest.
    His mother, Rose Eden (neé Kaine) is from Scotland but attened to Hogwats - Rawenclaw - where she met his father, David "Dave" Eden - Slytherin-.
    Nationality: The Eden family lives on a big mansion, where they have lived since they first got to England his family was poor, but they soon worked their way up to one of the most powerful families outside of London.
    Relationship status: It's complicated / in love with Rosalynn Silver.


    Length: 13 inches
    Wood: Cherry
    Core: Dragon Heartstring
    Felxibility: Quiey flexible.


    Eyes: green
    Hair: dark brown
    Accessories: wears a silver ring, that has passed through his family in generations.
    Scares/burnmarks: He has a long scar down his chest and back his siblings caursed when he was 5.
    Background History: Fred comes from a very rich pure blood family, who has been in slythering for generations.
    Fred is the youngest out of 3 and is the sweetest out of them.
    His brother and sister were 10 times as evil as Fred was.
    When Fred was 11 he got his wand, 13 inches, Dragon Heartstring, made out of cherry and quiet flexible.
    Fred wasn't surprised when he got into the slytherin house, but over the years he realised he would have done better on Gryffindor.
    Because on Slytherin he had a reputation to live up to, because of his siblings, but it's not as easy as it sounds to others.

    Other stuff:

    When Fred got in to his second year, he saw a girl. With Silver hair. He fell in love with her instantly.
    But he knew they could never be together despite the one year beentween them and their houses.
    When Fred got into his fifth year, he failed in his O.W.L's and had to take his whole fifth year all over again.
    He was the only one in the fifth years, who had failed in a long time. Fred got a second chance to make it right, and if he didn't, he would get expelled from Hogwarts.
    When Fred got back from summer holiday, Slytherin and Hufflepuff where told to have almost all of their classes together, Fred was happy. He was going to have classes with his long time crush, Rosalynn.

    Friends: Rosalynn Silver (fifth year, Hufflepuff) Kat Davis (fifth year, Gryffindor)

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