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    Satoshi Daisuke Kweon


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    Satoshi Daisuke Kweon

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    Full name:
    Satoshi Daisuke Kweon

    Blood status:

    15, birthday at 15th of June.


    Half Japanese, half Korean



    School year:




    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Length: 11”

    Wood: Cherry

    Core: Thestral Hair

    Flexibility: Reasonably supple


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    Black, medium length, slightly unruly.

    Eye color:
    Dark grey, nearly black.

    Body shape:
    Slim, but muscular.

    178 cm.

    70 kg.

    Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.:
    Satoshi has a scar on the back of his right hand, caused by the very first spell he tried to do, which backfired and stinged his hand. Both his ears are pierced, with an additional helix in his left ear.

    During school hours he wears his cloak with a white shirt and the tie underneath.

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    In his sparetime, he wears the school sweathshirt instead of the cloak, along with the white shirt and the tie.

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    At all times, he wears the Prefect badge proudly displayed on top of his cloak or sweatshirt.

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    His parents divorced a little over a year ago, and he moved with his father from Okinawa in Japan, to a small town a little south of London. This is also the reason as to why he had to change schools. His mother still lives in Okinawa, along with his two younger siblings, twin sisters. He visits them each and every Easter, but only every other Christmas - the other Christmases are spent at school, including this year’s.

    Rosalynn, Luke.

    Satoshi is generally a very happy, content boy. He loves school, always makes his homework as soon as he gets it so that he’s sure he’s got time to do his best, and so that the assignments are done right away - which leaves him time for his friends, his music, and his racing broom. He loves to fly, have done ever since he was 5 and got his first broomstick, and about a year before he began in magic school, he got his first guitar and still plays to this day, both acoustic guitar(which he brings with him to school) and electric guitar, which he plays at home. He is a very loyal friend, and if it hadn’t been for his curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge, he’d have been placed in Hufflepuff. He is open and friendly towards others, no matter who they are - everyone is given the benefit of doubt even if his best friends tells him they can’t be trusted. He is hardworking and gladly answers any questions, helps everyone he knows with their homework if need be.

    Satoshi was born in 1997, to his parents Hyun-jun and Kyo, in Okinawa, Japan. Four years later, in 2001, a pair of twins followed, his younger sisters. On his fifth birthday, he was given a Nimbus 2001, and he loved it, flew whenever he could. When he was 9, he began training a bit of taekwondo, and today he’s got the green belt, but haven’t really got any intentions of taking it further. When he turned 10, he started playing guitar as well, and loves it to this day, plays nearly every day. In the summer afterwards, he got a letter from Mahoutokoro, the magic school in Japan. This was to be expected, since both of his parents are magicians, his grandparents, too. Unlike other pureblood children, however, he knows a great deal about the Muggle world. His parents have always believed that integration in the Muggle community is just as important as integration in the magic community, and so, their house looks like the Muggles’, but with few magical twists here and there. This is also the reason as to why Satoshi knows how to properly handle electrical devices just as his electric guitar. He started in the school the following September, and went there for three years. A little over a year ago, his parents divorced, and Satoshi and Hyun-jun, his father, moved to Southern England, and Satoshi moved school from Mahoutokoro to Hogwarts, where he’s been for a year, now. This summer, when he received his letter with books to be bought, he was pleasantly surprised to find the Prefect badge within, and wears it proudly.

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    Re: Satoshi Daisuke Kweon

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    Character accepted Wink
    Welcome to Hogwarts! xD

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