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    Lieve Toussaint

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    Lieve Toussaint

    Post  Lieve Toussaint on Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:44 am

    Full name: Lieve Ceres Merle Toussaint
    Blood status: Pure blood
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    School year: 5th.
    House: Slytherin
    Pet: A white cat with lightblue eyes.
    Position: None.

    Length: 12½ inche
    Wood: Redwood
    Core: Dragon heartstring
    Flexibility: Pliant

    Hair: Blond and short, but she's growing it out.
    Eye colour: Blue eyes.
    Body shape:
    Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.: She has a lot of scars all over her body, yet she doesn't has nothing noticable on her face, and most of the scars are fading out, yet theres a big scar on her back, from the right shoulder to the left hip.

    A father, a mother and 3 older siblings, the oldest is 16 years older than her, the second is 10 years older than her and the last one is 10 years older.

    Her family is very a very wealthy family in France.
    And as a traddition they all went to Hogwarts, even thought they were offered to go to Beauxbatons, they all declined, they wanted to go to thier mothers old shcool.
    You see, before Lieve's mother, Merle Toussaint, were married she lived in England, and she had gone to Hogwarts, Slytherin, but then she met Jermiane Toussaint and they fell in love and half a year later they were married and then 17 years later they had four children, Jean, Jules, Chamonix and Lieve.
    But it were a happy family, and almost like every other family, except the fact that Lieve is the only Slytherin, the others were Ravenclaws.

    She can be distent, yet she always listen.
    She is a quick learner, yet if she doesn't want to learn, she can not learn it.
    She is stubborn, at times. Yet she is very sweet and likes to meet new people, yet she is proud to be a Slytherin.
    If there is something she dislikes more than losing, it would be if someone she doesn't know touches her, since she is kind of scared of strangers.
    (More to come, when my mind'll work proberly again and when I have time again, which will mean about... Thursday, I think..?)

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    Re: Lieve Toussaint

    Post  Hina on Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:39 am

    For now the character is accepted Wink

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