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    Kaine Nathan Andreason


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    Kaine Nathan Andreason

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    General information:

    Full name: Kaine Nathan Andreason
    Blood status: Half blood
    Age: 16 years old
    Gender: Male
    School year: sixth year
    House: Gryffindor
    Pet: A cat named Cooper
    Position: Chaser
    Friends: Chris Moore (boyfriend), Malachy Atwaters (enemy/friend), Kat Davis, Fred Eden, Rosalynn Silver


    Length: 10 inches
    Wood: Hazel
    Core: Thestral tail-hair
    Flexibility: stiff


    Hair: Dark brown / black
    Eye colour: hazel
    Body shape: wide but with muscles. Around.. 3-5 cm lower than Chris Moore.
    Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.: Always wears a watch on his left hand.


    Flint Andreason(non-magical) Samantha Andreason (nee Smith) and Paul Andreason.
    Kaine's mother is a witch. Samantha and Paul meet each other at a coffee shop in Manhattan where they fell in love instantly. Paul wasn't afraid of Samantha being a witch. He found it interesting. He would love to magical kids. Samantha told him that, it wasn't 100 % sure that would have magical kids. They dated many years before they got married and had Flint. When Flint was 2, they got a other son, Kaine. They were the best of friends until Flint began in school. When Samantha and Paul found out Kaine was a wizard, they were happy. But for Flint.. It was a huge punch in the stomach.


    Kaine is sincere from New York City, where he lived the first 8 years of his life, where they lived in poverty. Music was an important part of Kaine's life at the time. His whole childhood, he was bullied and teased by his older brother, Flint, because he looked different than him (his brother has light brown hair and brown eyes. Where Kaine has hazel eyes and dark hair. His parents have blond hair and dark eyes). But he never let Flint bring him down. He never let anyone bring him down. But when Kaine and his family found he was a wizard, the bulling got worse. Flint envied his little brother. When Kaine was 8 got his father a job offer where he had the opportunity to earn DOUBLE so much money than what he already served. Soon they lived in London, in a large apartment just outside London. He got his first real guitar and started to learn to play it. He moved with his older brother and his parents.


    Kaine has a playful personality. He always has a smile on his face, unless there is something really wrong. He loves to smile and he around his friends. Kaine flirts with everyone without noticing and it might hurt someone. Kaine is friendly with everyone. Except when someone tries to break up him and his love. He likes to play guitar and sing to himself, but isn't very fond of singing in front of others. He loves the Winter period. Means ice skating, hot chocolate/coffee/tea and blankets to cuddle under.

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