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    Chris Moore


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    Chris Moore

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    Full name: Chris Moore
    Blood status: Muggle
    Age: 17, born in July 1995.
    Gender: Male
    School year: Sixth year
    House: Ravenclaw
    Pet: A male golden/yellow owl named Pavarotti
    Position: Normal Student
    Nationality: Originally from the US Ohio, but moved to London shortly before the beginning of his fifth year.

    Length: 12½ inches
    Wood: Ash
    Core: Unicorn Hair
    Flexibility: Supple

    Hair: Chestnut and wavy
    Eye colour: Glasz (blueish, greyish greenish colour)
    Body shape: Slender and quite tall, yet very pale and clear skin.
    Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.: None.

    A Picture of Chris:
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    Chris was born in Ohio, July 1995. Both of his parents were Muggles and knew nothing of magic, until the day Chris got his letter from the Brazilian Wizarding School, where he went when he turned 11 years old.
    Chris’ mother died when he was around eight years old, leaving Chris alone with his father until Chris turned 15 years old, then his father married again and the new family moved from Ohio in USA to London in England.
    When his father got married again, Chris got a stepbrother, who was a Muggle not able to perform magic, which meant Chris was the only one who went to Hogwarts in his fifth year.

    Chris is born and raised in Ohio. Since both of his parents were Muggles then they knew nothing about magic.
    At the age of 5 Chris started to be able to do things other kids couldn’t do. He could make thing burn if he was mad, and he could make the small clouds go away when he was happy.
    When Chris was 8 years old, his mother died of unknown reasons. This left Chris alone with his father until Chris turned 11 years, that was when he started on the Brazilian Wizarding School.
    When Chris turned 14 years old, his father had a heart attack, which resulted in Chris not being able to go to school for two months, and when he returned home again his father was engaged.
    So when Chris was 15, his father got married, he got a Muggle stepbrother and they all moved to London, where Chris started his fifth year on Hogwarts.

    Chris has different interest in everything from cars, to fashion and singing. He has very high standards for himself and is obsessed with the latest fashion, which is usually both high quality and expensive brands.
    Chris is also obsessed with his hair and uses hours preparing it, and often he adjust it when he think that no one I looking.
    Chris sometimes seems like a snob, but that is only a mask he wears to hide his insecurities and fears. Sometimes he can be brutally honest, not always thinking about whether or not he might hurt someone with his words.
    Chris is smart, has a quick-witted sense of humour and uses intelligent vocabulary.
    At times Chris is manipulative, but it’s only when he really want something.
    Because Chris is openly gay, then he was often bullied when he was younger and that lead to him trying to be as strong as he can, still he is very sensitive when it comes to bullying.
    Chris puts the ones he loves above himself and always does what he can to make sure that they’re okay.
    At times Chris can be a little diva, especially if things doesn’t go the way he planned them to.
    Chris is a very smart person, he speaks french and spanish without a problem and he knows how to handle tough situations.

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