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    The rules of this site.


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    The rules of this site.

    Post  Hina on Sun Aug 12, 2012 5:12 am

    So, of cause we have a few rules here, the rules has to be followed. If you don't follow the rules then you get a warning, second time you break the rules there will be a punishment! Wink

    Our rules are;

    1. Have respect for the other people on this page, we might not have children writing, but still think about what you're writing.

    2. Remember the rules at Hogwarts, and remember that there is no special treatment for anyone.

    3. Use the schedule we have made when you are creating your character, we have a few basic things that we need to know about your own character.

    4. Your character is NOT allowed to be a child from any of the real characters in Harry Potter, it is allowed to be related like a distant cousin or so, if you can't defend it by telling exactly how they are related.

    5. If you want to become a Prefect, Head boy or Head girl then you have to write to us, ask us and then we'll read about your character and decide if your character is able to become it.
    There are 2 Head boy/Head girl all in all, but 16 Prefects, 8 from the fifth year and 8 from their sixth year - 2 from each house.
    You can become a Prefect in your fifth year and until the end of the sixth year. A Head boy/Head girl is in your seventh year.

    6. You decide which year your character is on, just remember that every character starts at Hogwarts at the age of 11, so the age and year has to match.

    7. If someone wants a private RPG, then they simple write "(title of the RPG) Private.", then the people who owns it decides who comes in.

    8. In the houses common rooms only characters who belong there or have a relation is allowed. So a Ravenclaw with no relation to Slytherin can't be in the Slytherin common room. But if the Ravenclaw for example has a girlfriend in Slytherin, then the character is allowed to be there, but only during the day, the caracter still has to leave at bedtime, unless they want to break the school rules.

    9. The RPG takes place now in 2012, which means that the characters who are dead in J.K. Rowling's books are also dead here and Voldemort do not exist anymore.

    10. You are allowed to have more than one character as long as you always make it clear to others who you are. For example you could write like this:
    "Amelia walked into the room, looking around for something to do. In the other side of the room sat her friend Rubert. Rubert looked at her with very bored eyes."
    In that way you can control both characters, but of cause you still have to write with others as well Wink

    11. If you want a 18+ RPG, then please write it in the title. For example; "(name of the RPG) 18+" then people are warned.

    12. We have some basic things that we have to know about your character, therefore we have made a schedule that has the things we at least need to know. Of cause it is allowed to add more things if you like.
    After you have made your character, make a forum with the schedule - the name of the character has to be the name of the forum. You're not yet allowed to RP with it. Only when we see that the character is following our rules, we'll write in the forum that now you can RP - but please be patient, remember we're not online 24/7 so it can take time, but we promise to do it as fast as we can.

    13. When you make a rp, then the most important rule is that if you're in The Great Hall, then you are allowed to leave without needing to make a whole new rp, unless you are moving your character to one of the other things, such as the Quidditch field.

    Enjoy! Very Happy

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